We each have unique gifts to bring to the world and it is our birthright to be healthy, wealthy & wise in ways that are authentic and true to who we are, from the Inside Out.  The world needs Your Unique Light!  As parents, we are acutely aware of the challenges our children face in navigating life. You are here to parent in a way that brings connection, cooperation & peace into our most important relationships. 


Know ThySelf!  Being a Deliberate Creator is living from your Authentic Self and taking full responsibility for the life you create & for creating the life of your dreams.  Is Joy a place you desire to live on a daily basis?  Do you desire to increase your health, wealth & inner well-being, and yet wonder why all the positive things you have done have yet to manifest that life?  Are you less than loving toward yourself inside your own head?!  Compassion Key is our guide.  


 The Yogic & Ayurvedic Path offers us the wisdom of the Sages to guide our daily & seasonal rhythms.  As women we are so attuned to the spiral of life. Create Vibrant Energy, Restful Sleep, a Clear Mind, & Strong Body, then join one of my programs.  Discover Health Dynamics and find out where you are on the Health Spectrum.  Knowledge is power ~ create a personalized life rhythm to bring vibrant health to you and your family. DeBriefs, 28 Day Detox & ReJuvenation, are just two of the offerings.

​​Leah Weisman ~  Compassionate Parenting, Empowered Kids, Healthy Family.




Health & True Wealth is an inside job.  We are designed at our core to be aligned with our essential nature.  Our BodyMind's ability to heal is directly linked to the alignment we hold within our body, thoughts & emotions.  In fact, every facet and area of our life is an extension of that connection.  Our first most primal sense ~ the sense of smell offers us the most immediate and graceful way to clear what blocks our path to achieving our goals.  Experience Aroma Freedom.  

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