Welcome to your potential of Health & Wealth of Body, Mind, and Spirit. I hope that you’ll gain the knowledge and the ability to push yourself to new potentials with each process & program you participate in. I take a very balanced and open approach to Health, Wealth, Business, and Personal Fulfillment. You’ll find something that meets your needs and blends with your personality,hopes, and goals.

Namaste, Leah

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About Leah Weisman

For over 25 years, Leah has been at the cutting edge of Holistic Health.  Beginning with Yoga, Ayurveda & Massage Therapy, she developed a deep foundation for what it takes to create a life of physical vibrancy and emotional balance.  Over these past decades, Leah has come to respect and understand the power of the Mind and Emotions as essential in the healing process.  It is from this place of emotional and mental freedom that we are able to create the life we desire.  Leah is catalyst for transformation sharing cutting edge practices  that push us to wake up and be the change we desire in the world!  From that place, we create a life and business that is an expression of our authenticity and soul. 


Holistic Health & Wealth Coach


Holistic Health & Wealth Coaching

Individualized & Group Coaching...

  • VIP Days ~ One on One Tailored Transformational Days

  • Platinum Level Coaching  ~ Ready to create the life of your dreams? Six month & year long programs


Programs I offer:

Living On Purpose Series:  Living From The Mat

  • Tapping Into Wealth:  A Women's Workshop - Know Your Worth & Have Your $ Match It.  (Private & Group Programs)

  • Body Electric ~ Living the Good Life, One Simple Habit at a Time.  Evolutionary Aging with Ayurveda (Private & Group)

  • Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator:  Attract More of what you want & less of what you don't!