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Welcome to Your Life!

You are in the right place if you are ready to know your uniquely beautiful Self, Step Into Your Power, Tap Into Your Wealth in Health, Relationships & Money.  Learn to personalize each aspect of your life to be in harmony with your true essence. 

The World Needs You.  Be a radiant example to those around you of how to live authentically.  And what a double blessing if you are a Mother...for you will live the example and coach them on living in connection with themselves and others.

Find Out Who You Are and Do It On Purpose. Dolly Parton


For over 30 years, Leah has been a student and teacher at the cutting edge of Holistic Health and Spirituality. (Yoga, Ayurveda, Energy Mindfulness)

She has a passion for guiding women on a journey to reclaim their true nature. To embrace and fall in love with who you are is such a gift. 

And As Women, it is truly time to Step Into Our Power.

AND if you are a mother, that is such a moment of reckoning!  Parenting ~ Now THAT is a catalyst for transformation. And for the record, Leah became a parent at the spry young age of 49 years and 8 months.  So whether you are a parent of children or desire to re-parent yourself into a vibrantly healthy life, please consider joining her. 

Leah guides you with depth of wisdom, caring and humor.  Life is too short AND too long to waste one precious minute not being in total love with yourself, how you live, what you do, and having a loving connection with your children.  

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​Finding Your Path to living vibrantly and  parenting  consciously