Radical Self Love For Women & Mothers

 The Yogic & Ayurvedic Path offers us the wisdom of the Sages to guide our daily & seasonal rhythms.  As women we are so attuned to the spiral of life. Create Vibrant Energy, Restful Sleep, a Clear Mind, & Strong Body. Discover Health Dynamics and find out where you and your family are on the Health Spectrum.  Knowledge is power ~ create a personalized plan to bring vibrant health to you and your family. DeBriefs, 28 Day Detox & ReJuvenation, are just the beginning in offerings and potential toward Vibrant Health.

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​​Leah Weisman ~  Empowered AS Woman, Compassionate Parenting,, Healthy Family.




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My #:  39728

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Leah Weisman

It is our Birthright to live authentic and true to who we are.  The world needs Your Unique Light!  Cultivate Radical Self Love For Yourself First ~ In Health, Wealth & Livelihood.  And as parents, we are acutely aware of the challenges our children face in navigating life. Learn to live in a way that prioritizes connection, cooperation & peace into your most important relationships.  I am here to support you.  Let's talk.  

Know Thy Self!  Being a Deliberate Creator is living from your Authentic Self and taking full responsibility for the life you create & for creating the life of your dreams. First, Align with own your Power. 

Then, as centered in YourSelf, you will be guided to reclaim your life in new and empowered ways in order to shift from the old style of living and parenting to one of alignment with your highest values.

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